I went on a bike ride today, along the backroads of Bloomington. Indiana isn’t so bad.


Community College

The question I used to fear the most from former schoolmates was “How is school going?” Most who ask me this question still assume I’m taking classes at Indiana State. Then again, I haven’t exactly advertised both my return to Greencastle and my recent enrollment at the local community college. My answer to their question is usually something along the lines of “Well, I’m back home, at Ivy Tech.” This always draws a collection of some of the most awkward responses like an “Oh, that’s nice,” or most of the time, something to easily dismiss a conversation such as “Well, I hope that goes well.” Surprisingly, I no longer find such feedback discomforting. Throughout high school I dealt with the trouble of trying to be somebody I absolutely wasn’t. I am now extremely proud to be where I am.  However, at the time I enrolled into Ivy Tech, I was tremendously disappointed in myself. Fortunately, I found it nothing close to a last resort by any means. It’s a small campus filled with people trying to make something of their lives. Most students are middle-aged, and have, what seems to be, no hope, as most would say. Ivy Tech requires the opposite mentality of those who settle with failure.  It’s no longer awkward seeing someone I know on campus.  It’s actually very relieving now that I’ve realized I’m not alone.  I’m proud to say I’ve finally made the decision to aim for a successful future, despite my unfortunate false start.

It’s a New Year


It’s crazy to think it’s already been a year since the last time I sat down and
thought about how much time had actually gone by. Fortunately, I’ve been looking
forward to beginning another year and leaving the unnecessary lump of my life
that was 2012 behind. I’m interested in altering my current routine by
eliminating unnecessary habits and starting to develop certain hobbies. One
example would be this here blog. It’s time to start something new as most would
say at the beginning of a new year, so here goes nothing. I’ve also kicked a few
bad habits I have unfortunately picked up over the past few years. This
obviously isn’t my first attempt at trying to end a bad habit, but it will be my
hardest attempt. Firstly, I have quit smoking cigarettes. As fashionable as it
really was, I feel I have lost interest in something so wearing on the body. It
has been a solid 12 months since the last reasonable break from smoking
cigarettes, here’s round two. Me currently residing at my father’s home will be
extremely beneficial, considering he’s not fancy of such. I’m also considering
to alter my diet, from limiting sodas almost entirely to avoiding fats and high
sodium intakes. Aside from those very bland, basic resolutions I haven’t
actually set any crazy goals to reach. There’s nothing wrong with using a year
or two to settle into the person you’re ready to be. My future has been very
unpredictable up to this point, as most are. I just haven’t exactly found a
niche that I belong in. Hopefully going back to school this upcoming semester
and enforcing a strict change in my work ethic, I should finally land this heavy plane I’ve been attempting to fly, or at least find the right path. Respect to those who
set new year’s resolutions and stick with them!